1. Go to my.ny.gov.
  2. Click the “Don’t have an account?” button.
  3. Select account type: “Personal,” “Government Employee,” or “Business”
  4. Click on “Sign Up for an NY.gov ID”
  5. Fill out first name, last name and email address.
  6. Create a username.
  7. Create account.

Can I get a new ID Online NYC?

Online. If you already have an Enhanced or REAL ID, or you want to keep your Standard, you can replace online. Your document type will stay the same. Download and print a temporary license in PDF format to use until your new license arrives.

Can anyone get a NYC ID?

All New Yorkers 10 and older, regardless of immigration status, can apply for an IDNYC card. You can apply for an IDNYC card even if you are homeless or formerly incarcerated.

How much does NYC ID cost?

Standard Non-Driver ID Card Valid Fee
Under age 62, your next birthday is within the next 6 months 8 years $13.50
Under age 62, your next birthday is more than 6 months away 8 years $14.00
Under age 62 and receive SSI 10 years $6.50
Age 62 or older 10 years $6.50

How long does it take to get NYC ID?

Your IDNYC card will be mailed to your home in 10-14 business days. If you do not have an address or have security concerns about an address appearing on your IDNYC card, you will be able to pick up your card at the Enrollment Center where you applied 15 business days later.

What do I need to apply for an ID?

  1. Form BI-9, completed in black ink. …
  2. A certified copy of your birth certificate or reference book or a copy of the old Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda or Ciskei homelands identity or travel documents.
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Is NYC ID a government-issued ID?

IDNYC is a government-issued photo identification card available to all New York City residents age 14 and up, regardless of immigration status.

Can undocumented immigrants get state ID in NY?

To get a non-driver ID, your need proof of US citizenship or lawful status. To apply for a New York State non-driver ID, you must show proof of United States citizenship or lawful status. If you cannot show this proof, we can not issue you a non-driver ID.

How can I get my ID online?

  1. Step 1: Go on to the e-Home Affairs website and register. …
  2. Step 2: You will receive an OTP (one-time pin) to confirm your cellphone number. …
  3. Step 3: You will receive another OTP to login to your profile.
  4. Step 4: Complete your application form for a smart ID card.

How do I get a New York state ID without a Social Security card?

You must bring original documents. If you do not qualify for a social security number, the office will issue an ineligibility letter. This is the letter you should take to the DMV to obtain your license. DMV will only accept this letter within 30 days of the date it was issued.

Can I get an ID without a Social Security card?

You need a Social Security Card or Ineligibility letter to apply for REAL ID compliant license or permit. Without this proof, we can not issue you a Real ID license.

What are the 6 Point ID requirements in NY?

If you have at least 6 points, use Section C to meet the residency requirements for the document you are applying for. Qualifications: proof of social security, proof of citizenship or lawful status, 2 proofs of residency, and 6 points of proof of name. Accepted at U.S. Land/Sea Border Crossings Available to U.S.

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Can you use NYC ID to fly?

The IDNYC card does not authorize cardholders to drive, and is not accepted as proof of identity to obtain a driver license. The IDNYC card does not authorize cardholders to purchase alcohol or tobacco products, receive public assistance benefits, or travel on an airplane.

Which banks can I apply for my ID?

The service is now available across seven FNB branches, including Merchant Place (Gauteng), Centurion Lifestyle (Gauteng), Lynnwood (Gauteng), Greenpoint (Western Cape), Burgersfort (Limpopo), The Glen (Gauteng) and now Cornubia (KwaZulu-Natal).

Which banks do ID cards?

Home Affairs bank branches
Bank Address Contact number
FNB Burgersfort Shop 55 Twin City Complex Dirk Winterbach Street Burgersfort 072 457 8619
FNB Centurion Lifestyle Centre Cnr Lenchen and Old Johannesburg Rd Centurion Lifestyle Centre Centurion 012 653 2661

How long does it take to get your ID smart card?

receive a Smart ID Card? 14 working days from date of application provided it is a straight forward application meeting all the requirements.

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