Wilhelmina “Will” Vandom – 14 -year-old leader of W.I.T.C.H. and the keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar.

Will witches dormouse?

Huggles, simply called Dormouse in the comics, is Will Vandom’s pet in the W.I.T.C.H. comics and Matt Olsen’s pet in the TV series.

Will Vandom animal?

Her hobby is swimming, and she’s in Sheffield Institute’s competitive team. She loves animals in general, but she is especially crazy about frogs. She collects anything that’s frog related, except the amphibian itself. Instead, she has a dormouse which in the TV series is named is Mr.

Why was witch Cancelled?

W.I.T.C.H. was planning of making Season 3, based on the Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds, but was canceled, due to criticism. Clues of a planned Season 3, can be seen in the last episode of Season 2, Z is for Zenith. There have been many complaints and petitions about the canceled season.

Who is Phobos sister?

Parents Ares and Aphrodite
Siblings Erotes, Deimos, Phlegyas, Harmonia, Enyalios, Thrax, Oenomaus, and Amazons
Roman equivalent Pavor or Terror

Was Van Damme a real fighter?

Van Damme trained for 4 years and earned a spot on the Belgium Karate Team. He won the European professional karate association’s middleweight championship as a teenager, and also beat the 2nd best karate fighter in the world. His goal was to be number one but got sidetracked when he left his hometown of Brussels.

Is Van Damme married?


Does Claude Van Damme have any siblings?

Veronique Van Varenberg

Do Cornelia and Caleb get together?

But throughout the season, Cornelia and Caleb save each other and sometimes had moments looking into each other’s eyes and just staring until they were interrupted and reminded of the crisis around them. Before they left for the battle for Meridian, they finally kissed and after the battle was won, became a couple.

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What does will say when she transforms in witch?

By the Power of Grayskull!: The girls’ transformation is initiated when Will holds up the Heart of Kandrakar and yells, “Guardians, unite!“. Calling Your Attacks: In the first season, the girls call out the name of their element whenever they manifest them during a battle (“Water!”; “Fire!”; “Earth!”; “Air!”).

Will Vandom superpower wiki?

Will Vandom is the leader of the multiversal defense force known as the Guardians of the Veil. Working with four other girls, she was chosen to wield the magical powers of The Heart of Kandrakar and use the fifth element Quintessence, to battle darkness.

Will there be Witch Season 3?

A Discovery of Witches season 3 release date: Latest news on return of fantasy drama. The end is finally here. The final season of A Discovery of Witches has arrived with an action-packed new trailer revealing that the fantasy romance will return very soon – January 2022, in fact.

Is Irma from witch Hispanic?

Initially in the comic, only Hay Lin could fly, but they all get this ability in the New Power arc. Five-Token Band: Will is Ambiguously Brown, Irma is Latina, Cornelia is Caucasian, Taranee is African-American and Hay Lin is Asian.

Are witches animated?

The animated series was produced by SIP Animation in association with and with participation from Jetix Europe, The Walt Disney Company and France Télévisions. W.I.T.C.H.

How old is Elyon Brown?

In the TV series, there is an inconsistency about Elyon’s age. In Happy Birthday Will, Elyon is stated to be 13, as Cedric was looking at birth records of 13-year-old girls. However, in Parent’s Night and Escape from Cavigor, she is said to be 12.

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How old is Phobos witch?

Although Phobos appears youthful, his true age is uncertain. One interpretation from the comics is that he is an ancient immortal and that he was born shortly after the creation of the universe, which was when the Veil was raised in order to imprison him.

How long does it take Phobos to orbit Mars?

Key parameters for Phobos
Parameter Phobos
Orbital Period 0.32 days (7 h 39 min)
Orbital Eccentricity 0.015
Orbital Inclination 1.1°

How rich is Steven Seagal?

Steven Seagal has a net worth of $16 million.

Steven Seagal is an American martial artist, action movie actor, screenwriter, producer, and musician with a net worth of $16 million. As one of the most well-known action movie stars of the 1980s and 1990s, he accumulated a fortune.

Does Van Damme know Muay Thai?

Van Damme carries a 20-2 record in Karate, is skilled in Muay Thai, knows a thing or two about Kickboxing, and he is a black belt in the art of Shotokan Karate.

Where can I see Bloodsport?

Bloodsport, an action movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald Gibb, and Leah Ayres is available to stream now. Watch it on HBO Max, Spectrum TV, Prime Video, Vudu Movie & TV Store, Apple TV or VUDU on your Roku device.

Who is Van Damme current wife?


Why did Van Damme divorce his wife?

Van Varenberg, a former professional bodybuilder, filed divorce papers on Wednesday, citing irreconcilable differences. According to People magazine, the pair have been separated since March 7th, with Van Varenberg seeking spousal support in the proceedings.

Is Gladys Portugues married?


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