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hayabusa mobile legends png

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Is Hayabusa good in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Hayabusa has always been a safe pick in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As an assassin, the Land of Dawn’s very own ninja can quickly kill enemies all while dashing in and out of a team fight. However, you may be having a difficult time understanding his kit.

What is Hayabusa's damage?

Hayabusa is a crimson assassin who leaves no trace behind!. Innate: Hayabusa's damage applies a stack of Shadow Mark to an enemy [Hero/Creep] hit (up to 4 stacks). Each stack lasts 6 seconds and increases Hayabusa's damage to the enemy by 5% (to a maximum of 20%).

What is the best emblem for Hayabusa?

Hayabusa synergizes well with the assassin emblem. You can pick between High and Dry and Killing Spree. High and Dry works perfectly since Hayabusa excels at 1v1 skirmishes, while Killing Spree provides HP and speed boost with each kill, increasing his survivability in team fights.

How do you use Hayabusa's skills?

Active: Hayabusa throws forward three shurikens and swiftly retrieves them back. The first hit deals 170 (+70% extra physical ATK) physical damage. For the remaining hits, the damage is reduced to 30%. Each hit restores 10 energy for him (capped at 2 times) and slows the enemy by 35% for 2 seconds. This is the bread and butter skill of Hayabusa.

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