counter balmond – Apabila saat ini Anda sedang mencari artikel atau info mengenai counter balmond , maka Anda menemukan halaman yang tepat. Berikut ini adalah informasi mengenai counter balmond yang kami kumpulkan di Ediserpo dari berbagai sumber.

Semoga informasi mengenai counter balmond  dibawah ini bisa bermanfaat untuk Anda!

counter balmond

Berikut Ini Informasi counter balmond

What is the item counter for Balmond?

Berikut adalah beberapa item counter Balmond yang efektif; Life Drain: Upon dealing damage to the target, reduces Shield and HP Regen of the target by 50% for 3s. Ketika kalian melawan Balmond, jangan sampai kalian lupa membeli antiheal. Hal ini karena pasif milik Balmond cukup kuat di lane karena bisa memberikan heal yang cukup aktif.

How to counter Balmond in Mobile Legends?

The first item to counter Balmond is Antique Cuirass. This item can provide high armor, of course, it can withstand the damage of the deadly Balmond attack. The Antique Cuirass item can provide an additional 54 Physical Defense and 4 HP regen, as well as an additional 920 HP for heroes

Why is Balmond so hard to counter?

Because Balmond is too strong when given snowballing but he is easy to counter if you know what to do. In addition, Balmond also usually uses spellvamp items and emblems. You can lock him out of the game with anti heal items when fighting him. Do not let you later not take advantage of this.

How do you counter Balmond in Lane?

Surely they will change lane and find a noob player from your teammate who don’t know how to counter Balmond. Items to counter Balmond – Go for CC items such as Frost and Ice Force. It is usual for Balmond to raise his HP so he will get a lot from passive so he will build most from Hp and Armor.

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