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angela mobile legend png

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Who is Angela in Bang Bang Mobile Legends?

Angela, Bunnylove is a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang . An android created by the founder of Laboratory 1718, Dr. Baker. It was the first life form created without using human body or soul. In order to gain the knowledge of her, other scientists in the lab went after Dr. Baker.

What is the best build for Angela in Mobile Legends?

Best Builds for Angela in Mobile Legends As a support, Angela benefits most from cooldown items like Fleeting Time or Enchanted Talisman to spam her skills more, and Oracle for enhanced healing effect. Since she can inflict damage in large AoE with skill 1, Necklace of Durance can be a good choice for her too. Builds for Angela in Mobile Legends

Who is Angela the Lovebunny in Mobile Legends?

Angela the Lovebunny is one of the Support class heroes that’s frequently used in the ranked games in Mobile Legends. Her specialty is guard and support as she’s capable of healing and giving massive shield plus speed buff to a target ally. At the same time, she deals damage to enemies and immobilizes them using her skills.

Is Angela hard to die in PUBG?

If no defensive item is owned, you’ll find her very easy to die so make sure you build an Immortality. Angela is a must-have a member in late-game team fights as her first skill increase damage taken by the opponent significantly, eases your teammates to finish them off easier.

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